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Posted On April 20, 2014


by kafie1901

World of Cigars Blog – This week Cigar Reviewer and Blogger from Fineland does a write up that is a year late, but still very much appreciated..  Last year pre-release samples of the Don Fernando maduro blend were mailed to Fineland in an effort to have the blend professionally reviewed by cigar blogger Mikko Erickson.   Our efforts failed, but we did get the cigar review a year later…..  Too bad that the pre-release blend was changed into what is now the final blend of the Don Fernando maduro.   According to Mikko Erickson, the pre-release cigar rated an 88/100.     Not a bad score at all.   Here the official website where the review can be seen.   Please note, the final Don Fernando maduro blend has been refined since this review took place.  Enjoy …

Written by kafie1901

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