Rolando Reyes Sr.

Posted On June 15, 2013


by kafie1901

This week we are headed down to Tegucigalpa, Honduras for a couple of days to visit with friends and family.  We are excited to report that soon we will be exporting cigars to Africa, Dubai, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Spain.  While in Honduras we headed to Danli for a couple of days and spent time at the farm/cigar factory.  We are currently working on new blends which will consist of different wrappers.  Over the next couple of years expect the following blends to be released.  A Connecticut, a Sumatra, and a Candela.  The variety of tobacco that is available to us is superb.  All naturally aged, and rolled by some of the best trained torcedores in all of El Paraiso, Honduras.  It’s a tribute to the great Rolando Reyes Sr. God bless the hands that grow and roll our cigars.

Written by kafie1901

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