La Union

Posted On May 31, 2016


by kafie1901

For over the past 4 years our company has been working to bring to market the finest in boutique cigars. We take great pride in having our cigars made in Honduras, as this is where our family is from.  Furthermore, as much as we love tobacco from Honduras, we can’t help but continuosly make new blends using some of the finest tobaccos the world has to offer. 

Last year we discovered 2 tobaccos which left us speechless because of their characteristics, aromas, and intrigue. Anyone that knows me well, understands that tobacco for me has to be 1 of 2 things.  It has to be natural, and it has to be intriguing.   For the past year I have been creating a blend using tobacco from Brazil and Mexico.  3 months ago we did it.  We achieve the final blend in what will become known as “La Union” by Kafie 1901 Cigars.   La Union, means “the union”.  The name is very special to me, as my father Don Fernando (for which the first blend of our company was named after) was born in a small remote fishing village of the Pacific coast of El Salvador named La Union.  The Kafie family history in Central America originates in this small sea port town dating back to 1901. 

I also felt that the name “La Union” would be a perfect name for this new blend.   La Union is a coming together of tobaccos from 5 different countries.  All of them working balanced with each other to create a blend that is captivation.   Listed below are the countries represented by each layer of the cigar. 

Wrapper: Mexico

Binder: Honduras 

Fillers:  Brazil, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic

We are in the process of finalizing packaging details, a few retailers have already received their first orders.  The first official shipment lands in the U.S. this June.  Stay tuned this is something you want to be a part of.  Thank you.

Written by kafie1901

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